Code Rescue

Code Rescue is a service I am offering to assist companies and individuals to revive and clean up their messy code bases.

Code rescue will:

  • Save your developers time - Clean, well documented code significantly reduces the time spent maintaining software.
  • Save you money - Clean code means less time spent maintaining software, and fewer mistakes.
  • Reduce the risks associated with maintaining older systems - Old, undocumented systems can be difficult to maintain, leading to errors and bugs that are hard to trace or fix.
  • Move knowledge about your system into your code - Keeping knowledge about how your system works in your code means that new developers can learn the system more quickly, and spend less time to maintain your software

Messy, poorly documented code leads to hundreds of lost hours in maintenance, and hampers a developer's ability to find and fix bugs. Many developers either don't have the time to document code correctly when building or maintaining software, or forget to document as they already understand how the system works. The lack of documentation means that new developers lose time trying to understand how a system works before they can change anything.

I have had several years experience in modifying, documenting, and cleaning up old code, so I understand the difference that clean code and proper documentation makes.

The basic service I offer will involve cleaning up, commenting, and documenting code to improve code maintainability and comprehension.


Basic pricing starts at $80/hour or $600/day (8 hours of work).

I am happy to discuss different rates if required, and will give you a quote so that you can pick an appropriate rate.

Contact me for a quote, and we can discuss your project.


I mainly work with PHP and JavaScript applications. Contact me to ask me about working with other languages.


Sample 1 - PHP application