Current Projects


BlogFile is a simple, very light weight blog system which is entirely housed in a single PHP file. It provides basic templating, a simple markdown format, simple comment spam protection, an automatic karma system, and the ability to add both blog posts and static pages.

Date: Released on May 7, 2012
Time: Development ~30 hours
Technology: PHP/MySQL
Licence: WTFPL
Github URL:

MICO - Mantis Inbound Call Organiser

Mantis Overview MICO (formerly Mantis) is a simple application for taking down and tracking phone calls. I designed it out of a need for a simple way to take down phone calls at work. Using email and instant messaging made following up calls difficult, but using a full blown task tracker lacked flexibility. Mantis is designed to make taking a call as painless as possible, while giving the users the ability to easily track and follow up on calls.

Date: Started September 2010, First Release on October 31, 2010
Time: Development ~100-150 hours
Technology: ExtJS/Sencha user interface, talking to a PHP/MySQL server side API.
Licence: GNU Lesser General Public Licence version 3.0
Download: Home page

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