About Sam

I am a freelance software engineer working in the web development field. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology (with a Software Engineering major) from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

While working at Mooball IT, I developed tools for internal use, as well as working on many other projects ranging from small HTML jobs, through to designing, managing, and producing large systems in JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Python. I provided direct customer support, and administrated web, mail, and database servers.

I now run a small Web Development and Consulting agency called Determined Development.

I love to design new software from the ground up, but have no fear of jumping into old code, and getting my hands really dirty. I pride myself on being able to clean up old code, get rid of the junk, and produce simple, stable solutions.

My majority of experience has been in developing PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL based applications, but I have also spent time working with Python frameworks (including Zope/Plone, Pylons/Pyramid, and Django). I have had some training/experience in Java, C, and C++, and am always looking for an opportunity to learn something new, or try out other skills.

I am experienced with managing both Debian (including Ubuntu) and Red hat (including RHEL, CentOS and Fedora) based systems. I have experience using virtual hosting systems including Xen, Ensim, and Virtualmin.

I am available for contract work, and consulting. If you would like to offer me a job, sing my praises, or give me money just for being me, feel free to contact me.